OJB Jezreel’s Last Female Signing Unveils Unfinished Plans With Late Producer

OJB’s recent signing, Ofor Stephanie Adaeeze, popularly known as Adasounds, has revealed her final moments with the producer before his demise.
According to Ada, the reality of his death did not hit her until Wednesday morning, when she woke up among mourners in OJB’s house. She then revealed their unfinished works and plans.
“D reality of ur death just hit me dis morning as I woke up amidst mourners’ BABA why? Dis isn’t part of our discussion! Ur birthday is just barely 3wks & we were gonna shock and shake d industry and world @large with a carnival.
Did u already know about ur death? That u hurriedly tidied up a lot of things? Even all the songs we recorded yet to be released. d push u were giving me to release and shoot our video…,” she said.
Adasounds and OJB were tidying up plans to release their duet titled Chinedu before his sudden death.
“Even ur FOUNDATION / OJB NEXT RATED that was meant to kick start, to mention but a few U had so many plans already laid out.. Who’s gonna continue/finish it? Even @49 going to 50yrs, U are still an untapped Gold.. so much in that head of yours that death & earth has snatched away from us & the world @large ‘ pls with my eyes filled with tears, am begging u to wake up and give me d answers to my questions cos no one else can! BABA ‘ I am ready now… pls let’s shoot our video oo.”
Ada, who is terribly sad, said “Who will MAMA J call Jigga? Who will ur children call DADDY? U are d best and only father ur kids can ever wish for and a good husband to ur wives, good brother to ur siblings and a FATHER/MENTOR to ME and the industry @large. RIP JIGGA Rest In Peace BABA Good night OJB JEZREL OKUNGBOWA 1966 – 2016 @ADASOUNDS #AWC.”
Ofor Stephanie Adaeze is an artist, who worked with OJB. She was signed to OJB’s Amazing Works Records in late 2015.