OAP Toke Makinwa Laments Over Scarcity Of MEN

toke-makinwa-NL.jpgPopular OAP Toke Makinwa has revealed that she is really in need of a relationship and lamented she receives more compliments from married men she doesn’t have affections for and less from single men whom she truly desires.
Toke Makinwa claims she longs for a new relationship, but she is having difficulty achieving this, and it’s all thanks to the men who pique her interest, only for them to reveal that they are married midway through interesting conversations.
Recall that her marriage to Maje Ayida fell apart after the fitness expert impregnated his ex. Now, Makinwa is single and really looking to start off a new relationship.
The OAP revealed how she met several men last Saturday, started a deep conversation with one of them, only to later learn that he was married.
“Why would I waste two hours chatting with a married man? Why would I waste my cute outfit, sitting here, sitting with a married man?” Makinwa asked, clearly disappointed.
“Why are you guys not bold enough? Why don’t you guys dominate?” she queried, explaining she expected that at the end of the event, she would have met a few men, exchanged numbers and met them again during the week. “But nothing!”
However, she has made it clear: she needs a man, a single, bold man who will sweep her off her feet.