Younger Brother Of Nigerian Actress & Tinsel Star, Beats Her Up Mercilessly, Injures Her (Photos)


Tinsel actress Joju Muse, fondly called April, took to her Facebook page today to reveal shocking photos of how she was battered by her younger brother, whom she has now cut ties with.

So sad! Sharing the horrifying experience, April wrote;-

“I regret this day the 22nd of May 2016. I was brutally assaulted by someone I least expect. I cry out against domestic violence, and I will always do. But how does one handle this? When the culprit is my own blood?

Today I cut the tie between us, with no regrets!. I didn’t throw the first punch! But u beat me to a pulp. I suffered a seizure and am to do head nd chest xray all thnks to u. Am not ashamed of this pic, am only ashamed of d monster uv turned out to be. U were brot up in d way of God.NL_101